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Why Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is your number one place to find high quality wood made from the larch trees of western Russia. Larch wood is actually a material that has been used by mankind to build structures for centuries. The reason for using larch wood is no accident. People have discovered early on that larch wood is the most reliable type of wood to use for constructing everything, from homes to churches. You can even use it for smaller construction projects as well, such as flooring, siding, and decking. With the growing popularity of larch wood, the Siberian Larch tree began to be known as the “Tree of Eternity.”


One thing you also might want to consider is the value of your property and how much it will increase when using larch wood, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t sell it. By adding larch wood to any feature in your home, you will increase the property’s value tremendously. When it comes time to sell your home, just mention the fact that it has larch wood additions and then watch the buyers flock to your home in large numbers. Siberian Larch is a name that represents quality and rarity amongst other wood materials. Buyers and investors will certainly recognize the name for this reason. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with choosing Siberian Larch wood for everything from siding and flooring to decking. We offer professionally cut larch wood to fit your exact needs for one of these three products. Call us to get a quote or to discuss more about the larch wood that we will provide you. Thank you for your interest in our Siberian Larch wood.

Deck Boards

Best Decking Material

Naturally Durable – No Chemical Treatments


Floor Boards

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Uniquely Similar to Antique Heart Pine!


Wood Siding

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Aesthetically Beautiful – Traditional Look

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Our Client say's

We purchased a home built in 1965 that it has a 30'x10' larch deck. It had been well-maintained by the original owner and just within the last year is showing signs of deterioration. We recently replaced some rotted supports and decking material with new larch boards from Larchdeck and it will probably get another 10 years out of it before we need to replace the deck. Regular maintenance is important to seal the larch from the mid-west winters and re-staining every 5 years or so should keep the deck looking like new. This deck has lasted 50 years, so when it's time to replace our deck, we will probably go with Siberian larch because of its durability and natural look.

David Seaton, home owner

You are going to have to treat regularly anyway if you are going to have any sort of lifespan out of your investment. Siberian larch is a very strong and hard-wearing wood. When tested, it has proved to be up to 50% harder than common pine. The most beneficial characteristic of Siberian larch is its natural durability, which results from its extremely high resin content. The Larch will start silvering/ going grey in the first sun if untreated. I'd recommend an environmentally friendly, breathable natural oil for the Larch to bring out its natural colors. Also Larch is more stable than pine meaning it will handle getting wet & drying out better. It'll look 1000 times better than the pine. The treated pine, although treated, will still need a treating every two years at least if you want it to last.

John Bechtel, Contractor

The main reason that I was looking at Siberian larch is that one of the developments that we were building in had a covenant restriction against synthetic materials on the exterior. ACQ pressure treated here was just plain garbage for finish work, it came in so wet and trying to find a decks worth of fairly straight wane free boards was just about impossible. Cedar here was grown so fast that there isn't enough heartwood to provide rot and bug resistance IMHO. I’d replaced so much cedar trim that's less than 10 years old. The larch is about $2.00 a linear foot and that puts it in the same range as the lower end composites. It look nice, and the seller claims excellent rot and bug resistance.

Randy Scott, Contractor