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3 Things to Ask Yourself before Choosing the Best Material for Decking

choosing best material for decking
An outdoor decking makes a fabulous addition to your home. However, before you build one, your first step will be choosing the right type of decking material. There are several options that are available in the market, therefore making it vital that you make an informed choice. Here are 3 things to ask yourself before choosing the best material for decking.

How Much Is the Repair and Maintenance Cost?

You need to choose a material that can be maintained and repaired with ease. Natural wood is not only durable, but can also be maintained with ease. However, with prolonged exposure to weather elements, wooden material can crack or rot, therefore making it necessary to seal regularly. Composite materials don’t rot and it doesn’t require be staining or sealing. A composite deck can also be washed to give it a great look. Moreover, it’s possible to paint it or give it a superior grainy look. Synthetic or PVC material is another awesome alternative for home owners who want to build an external deck to their homes. There are extreme low maintenance options that are available in the market today. Most of the available options are stain, mildew and scratch resistant. PVC materials are also lighter, therefore making them more appealing to most home owners. Metallic deck doesn’t require maintenance on regular basis. Especially after being protected against rust, it can stay for years without repairs and this helps in bringing down its maintenance cost.

Can the Decking Material Withstand Weather Elements?

Can the material withstand weather elements? Natural wood, if left in its original state is susceptible to rotting. However, with some little sealing, coating and painting, you can enhance their ability to withstand harsh weather elements. Composite materials are manufactured from wooden chips that have been treated with other materials, therefore making it impossible to rot. Because of this, the material is able to withstand weather elements even without the need to apply paint or a strong external coat to help in enhancing its weather resistance. Nonetheless, a home owner can give the deck material a grainy wooden look, which contributes to its attractiveness. PVC material is the best decking material when it comes to weather resistance. Even without applying a shade above it. It can be rained on, can be hit by sun’s rays and many more, without developing serious problems. A metallic deck is a great option, especially for homes that are situated near a bush land. Other than being weather resistant, this material doesn’t cost much to maintain.

Is Going Green Important To You?

If you prefer green material, then you will have to go for natural wood, bamboo or composite materials that have been made from naturally existing materials. A metallic deck may not offer the bets solution when you want to go green, so you have to ensure that you make the most appropriate choice. Sustainable materials such as natural wood and bamboo have immense benefits to the environment.


Knowing what to check when choosing the best decking material can be of help when you are choosing the right decking material. The issue of going green, maintenance costs and ability to withstand weather elements are among the most critical questions that home owners can ask themselves before buying a deck.