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Larch deck: Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Your hardwood floor is probably the most expensive investment in your home. It is therefore vital for home owners to take care of the hard wood floor in order to fetch a good return on investment. Additionally, hard woods are beautiful floor covers if they are correctly. They also make your house feel warm and inviting.

Cleaning hardwood flooring

Reasons to Clean the Hardwood Flooring

First, cleaning hardwood floors means that you are getting rid of dirt or dust that has accumulated for some time. For example vacuuming, removes grime and dust that had settled on your floor making it free from dust. At times, your pets may have peed on the floor unnoticed and had no time to clear up the mess. Cleaning the floor, for example twice a week ensures that stubborn stains from liquids are eliminated making the floor look clean and clear in the long run. On top of this, maintaining a good look of a hard wood floor is essential. Floor cleaning also ensures that germs and bacteria that settle on your home’s floor are eliminated making your home a safe environment for young babies who crawl on the floor.


Guide to Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have different finishing that make them look neat and beautiful when on the floor. You should first check what type of finishing is on your floor before embarking on any cleaning exercise since this offers a clear guideline on how to take care of your floor. There are two main types of floor finishing; surface sealed and penetrating seal treated. Surface sealed finishing does not allow liquids to penetrate while penetrating seal treated usually soak the spilled liquid into the floor and then hardens. The latter should not have excess water on them despite the fact that liquids get absorbed in them. Proceed to selecting your cleaning detergent. Here, do not use an oil or alkaline detergents as they tend to scratch the floor and make them dull. It is recommended that a pH-neutral detergent should be used in cleaning hardwood floors. Carefully prepare your cleaning water with a good mix of detergent in a bucket and use a soft cloth to wash the floor as it is easy to wring and wipe out dirt to the direction of the wood’s grain. If the water gets dry, mix a new batch of cleaning solution and proceed with mopping the floor. After this, rinse the entire floor with clean water. Hardwood floors need serious attention in order to take a good care of them. Instead of mopping the floor regularly, you may substitute this with vacuuming or sweeping of the finished floors on a regular basis. Normally, the floors finishing gets old with time. Scrapping the old finish and applying a fresh coat not only protects the wood but also lengthens their lifespan. Advice your household on simple ways of taking care of the floor, for example, they should not wear shoes with spikes in the house. In addition, they should leave their dirty shoes on the doorstep.