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Decking Installation

Decking Installation

Decking installation requires you to be good with woodworking and construction.

If these are not things that are compatible with your abilities then go out and hire a professional contractor right away. Otherwise, you will need to get ready to take some labor intensive action. The first step is to figure out what you are going to build exactly. You already know that you want to build a deck, but what kind of deck? How big is it going to be? Where around your house is it going to be built? These are the questions you need to figure out before all else. By now, you already know that Siberian larch wood is the most perfect material to use for building your deck. Fortunately, the wood pieces will come precut with dimensions like 1×6 and 2×6. You can also elect to have anti-slip features applied to the wood as well. But before you even purchase the wood, you have to check with your jurisdiction’s building and zoning department to make sure your deck plan complies with the local building codes. They may even require you to create a blueprint of the deck, which contains all of its dimensions and so forth.

hen you know where on the property you want the deck to go, take a string line and surround the perimeter of where you deck is going to go. You can hammer stakes in the ground to hold the string, so that it is elevated off the ground and you can see it better. Remember to square the perimeter of the deck by using what is known as the “3-4-5 method” for each corner. This is basically a right triangle where the hypotenuse’s square is equal to the sum of the two other sides squared. Once you have the land squared off with the string, now comes time to remove the sod inside of the square with a spade shovel. It is okay to remove extra sod around the perimeter of the square because this will help you later on. Also, if your property is prone to weed growth then lay a special weed mat down inside the square.

Now comes the time to actually build something. You are going to attach a ledger board to your house using carriage washers and bolts. Make sure the board is completely leveled and at the desired height that you want from the ground. Once the ledger board is attached, you need to dig the post holes for the deck. These holes need to be at least two feet deep, but try to make them deeper if you can. If you are trying to manually dig these holes with a shovel, then you are probably going to find that it is rather difficult. In this case, you should rent or purchase a post hole borer. This will dig a perfectly cylindrical hole at any desired depth that you want with minimal effort. Now you just place your wood posts into the holes and then fill them up with concrete. Make sure the posts are set in a leveled position while the concrete dries. The posts should be just about as high as the bridge.

At this point, you are ready to install the floor of your deck. Take your larch wooded beams and place them on top of your posts. Either that or you can bolt the beams onto the sides of the posts. Next, you will attach joists to the ledger board using joist hangers. Then you attach the beams to the joists using the joist hangers again. After this, you are ready to lay down the rest of the deck’s surface onto the joists. Make sure you lay the decking down with even spaces in between each wood piece. You may need to use nails in the gaps to help you even them properly. Once all the decking has been successfully placed, you are just about finished. Now you can place tables and chairs on the deck to see how well it will hold. However, the real test of the deck’s durability will be during harsh weather conditions. If you end up finding a portion of the decking to be loose or unstable, then move all objects off of it and investigate the situation. Since you are likely an amateur deck builder, don’t expect to be perfect at this the first time out. If you have followed all of these basic steps for deck installation, then you shouldn’t have any problems.


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