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Best Decking Material

Naturally Durable – No Chemical Treatments All homeowners dream about adding a decking feature to their home. A deck is an area where you can walk outside from your backdoor and lookout over your entire backyard. Decking lumber are generally used for the purposes of relaxing outside with nature, cooking on the grill, Jacuzzi installations, outdoor dining, and more. These are all activities that can certainly take their toll on a piece of wood if it is not durable enough to sustain them. That is why when you purchase Siberian Larch wood for your decking project, we will supply you with 100% naturally durable wood that comes right from the forests of Northern Asia. Not only will it be durable, but there are no chemical treatments added to the wood either. It has a light golden brown color with tight grains that will be visually stunning to the naked eye. Because of this tight grain attribute, this means the wood will not stain if you drop a drink or piece of food on the ground. In fact, you won’t even be able to paint the wood because it is so tightly grained. However, you won’t need to paint it anyways because the color is attractive enough on its own. The tight grains will also help the wood withstand the tough impacts of heavy weight, such as people stomping on the ground or placing outdoor furniture there.

No other wood material will work better for this than larch wood. You may be thinking that larch wood must be expensive, but it is actually the most affordable top quality wood that you can use for your deck. You may think that heart pine and cedar are just as durable because they cost the same as larch wood, but the truth is the quality of those two wood types are not as good. There are also people that only care about saving money and so they will choose a cheaper and best wood material, like pinewood. This kind of wood is very soft and is not durable at all, which means that bad weather or consistent use will eventually destroy your deck in the long run. Since decking is mainly used in an outdoor environment, this means you will need to get the most durability possible out of your wood in order for it to sustain the nasty pressures of bad weather and repeat use. This makes larch wood truly affordable in the long run. Besides, larch is only a little more expensive than pinewood. For those extra few bucks, you are getting superior quality and durability in your wood material. If you go with the pinewood option for your deck then you are likely going to have damage to it within the first few years. Then you will have to keep paying money towards the maintenance of keeping the wood looking fresh and clean. This will end up costing you more money in the end with all the repair costs that you will be making towards this cheaper wood.
If you pay just a few more bucks and get Siberian larch to build your deck, it will last you for the rest of your life. It can sustain heavy winds, falling branches, food stains, heavy objects, and any abnormal occurrence from the outdoors. The investment is well worth it. Contact us today to find out more about the larch wood, best decking materials and lumber that we can provide for decking. We have boards that are 1×6, 2×6, and 1.25×6, and boards with anti-slip attributes. This is perfect if you live in an area with a lot of heavy rain and are constantly worried about slipping onto your hardwood deck. All of our wood cuts meet manufacturing standards and we strive to be environmentally responsible when producing them. So, go ahead and give us a try today because you will be glad that you did. An investment in quality is the best investment that you can ever make!

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Decking (Actual dimensions 1.1″ x 5-1/2″):

Length 10′, 13′ – $2.50 per lf. Premium Grade (no knots, clear)

Length 10′, 13′ – $1.80 per lf. Grade Select (knots, natural look)