European Spruce

European SPRUCE is most conservative and reliable approach to frame houses construction, as well this wood is excellent for siding, flooring, decking. Superb material for glued beams& panels application. The sapwood of European spruce is white to pale yellow in color, its heartwood is not always distinguishable but often tinged with brown and reddish-brown hues. Growth rings are prominently marked by the darker, denser summer wood. The grain of spruce is relatively fine, and typically straight. Knots are clustered together rather than randomly distributed. Its lightweight properties and even texture makes spruce wood suitable for all these purposes . The wood has a high durability, making it ideal for siding and fencing construction.

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It comes in different sizes and profiles.KD s4s

Length 10′-16′

Dimensions s4s : 2×2″, 2×4″, 1×3″, 1×4″, 1×6″, 1×8″, 1.5×6″

Actual dimensions for siding : 1/2″ x 5.5″ , 5/8 x 3.5″ ,  5/8″ x 5.5″, 3/4 x 5.5″

Grade #2&Btr 

The prices are from  $.45 per LF.

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