Frequently Asked Questions

Siberian Larch is a type of wood that comes from the larch trees found in Northern Asia. Larch is a very high quality wood that is known for its durability and waterproof attributes. Larch wood used to mainly be used in the construction of boats and yachts, but now people are finding them just as beneficial when it comes to their flooring, siding and decking needs as well.

Unlike other woods that are dark and ugly, Siberian Larch has a light brown color that can make any interior or exterior environment look more attractive. Since it is durable, you don’t have to worry about marking it up either.

Siberian Larch should be appreciated for its natural color and beauty. Besides, most people paint their wooded decks because they want to preserve the wood and make it more durable. You don’t need to do that with Siberian Larch because it is already durable on its own. We do not recommend painting it for this reason.

We are located in Los Angeles, California and can ship to all states. Contact us to see if we can ship to your location and also to learn about the shipping costs.

Whether you choose flooring, siding or decking; all three options use larch wood. The differences have to do with the wood’s length, width, thickness, number of boards, and the overall size of your project.

We are only a larch wood distributor. If you need help building or planning the design of your structure, then you should contact an architect or builder to help you plan out your project. They can also tell you the right amount of larch wood you will need, which will help for when you place your order with us.