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Uniquely Similar to Antique Heart Pine!

The flooring of your home is what people have to look at and walk on every day. There are all kinds of reasons why having durable flooring material is important. For one thing, accidents occur on the floor the most because people are constantly hovering over it. Also, people are constantly tracking dirt into the house from the outside and placing heavy objects down on the floor. With flooring made of poor material, this would cause constant staining problems that would require it to be cleaned every other day. As for heavy objects, you might have furniture or tables that could dent the floor if the material is not durable enough. All of these problems can easily be prevented with the use of Siberian Larch wood. This wood is tightly grained and durable enough to withstand the pressures of these heavy objects and stains. Never again will you have to worry about your kid spilling juice on the floor and staining the cheap wood or carpet. Larch wood is not cheap, but it is strong and reliable. It will not stain when juice is dropped on the floor and there will be no dents made from heavy objects.

People always have a problem paying a little more for quality. We live in an age where people want the cheapest material possible, but what people don’t realize is that they will have to repair this kind of material more frequently. This will cause them to spend more money in the long run. Plus, there is a common myth that pinewood floors look more attractive than any other material. The people who started this myth have probably never seen larch wood floors before because they are light brown and look like gold. Besides, larch wood is a great investment for your flooring and will increase your home’s value because of its durability and rarity. Not only does it look aesthetically beautiful, but the tight grains of the wood make it solid. This is what home buyers and investors love the most when it comes to a home’s flooring material. Now you may still be concerned about the coloring of the floor not matching the colors of your walls and ceiling. Well, you can relax because our larch wood can also be integrated into the paneling of your walls and ceilings as well. That way you will have matching colors at every angle of the interior of your home. It will almost make it look like a log cabin; expect it will be an ordinary home that can structurally made out of anything.

Before we ship the larch wood, we always pre-sand all of our wood pieces in order to create a surface that is suitable for applying finisher. This will come in truly handy when it comes time for you to hire somebody to install the larch wood floors because they usually give a huge discount when the wood is already sanded and finished. Even the edges of the wood will be micro-beveled, which prevents projections. Of course, if you prefer to do the finishing yourself then we can also provide unfinished larch wood as well. At larchdeck.com, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We realize that choosing the right material for your flooring is a stressful process, but we aim to take the stress out of it. Our wood provides nothing but benefits for your home by creating a harmonious living environment while increasing its value at the same time. Contact your builder or architect first in order to get an idea of the dimensions and quantity of the wood that you will need for your project. Then, contact us by phone or email and will we consult with you immediately.

Length 10′ – $3.00per lf. Premium Grade (no knots, clear)

Length 10′ – $2.50per lf. Grade A (very few knots)

Length 10′ – $2.00per lf. Grade B (knots, natural look)

Flooring (Actual dimensions 0.9″ x 3-1/2″)

Length 10′ – $1.40per lf. Premium Grade (no knots, clear)

Length 10′ – $1.00per lf. Grade Select (knots, natural look)