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7 Essential Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

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If you want to build a home, be always ready to choose the builder carefully. This is because you’ll be starting a relationship that would last for six to eighteen months. In addition, not all home builders operate with the same ethics or quality. So when you are done with choosing quality materials for decking or siding your house, see below what you need to ask a homebuilder.

Seven Questions That Should Help You Choose The Best Builder:

  1. The Experience

    The experience is what matters a lot. No one wants a builder who will come to practice on his or her dream home. Always ask the builder how much experience he has, what size of projects they have completed, what types of homes they’ve built, and what neighborhoods the firm has focused on.

  2. References

    Always remember to ask for references….don’t take the builder’s word for it. After that, call those references and ask questions, such as, the builder’s weaknesses and strengths? Was everyone on the building team professional? How was conflict handled? The problems you encountered and how were they solved?

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  4. Communication

    It’s imperative to know how the whole communication process will be handled. Will you be communicating by FAX, text, e-mail, or phone? How much input will you have? How often will you be given updates? Getting to know the expectations upfront can help you avoid disappointments later. Clear communication is important because you stay updated throughout the whole process. Most companies offer online portals that can be accessed any time of the night or day to stay informed and ensure that they are meeting deadlines.

  5. Quality Assurance

    Most of the work done on your home will obviously be hidden behind ceilings, floors, or walls. , it’s imperative that the builder has some process in place. This is to help ensure that quality work is done at each turn. This will help a lot in preventing a host of problems from cropping up for decades, years, or even months, down the line.

  6. Warranty

    A minimum of two or one year warranty is standard in the construction industry. Ensure that you know, in advance, what the new home warranty covers and if indeed it’s something workable on your end.

  7. The Walkthrough

    Remember to find out how the final walkthrough of your home will be handled. Will it be in the customer care department or an employee who works in the construction department? This is important because you’ll want a person who will have the experience to notice subtle problems that could become major problems once you move in. In addition to this, a professional can help you improve the final finished home in case you are not happy with some aspects.

  8. Can Extensions Be Done Later?

    Ask the builder if extensions to the building can be made at a later point in time. This is important because not all buildings are designed to accommodate such extensions. Besides, at some point you may want to make such extensions based on your needs.

    Choosing a home builder is an essential step on the path to your dream home. Remember you have the right to ask each question that you think is of importance to you. All these questions are supposed to help you vet and assess the ability of each builder and as such, make sure you ask all of them.