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Best Decking Material

Naturally Durable – No Chemical Treatments All homeowners dream about adding a decking feature to their home. A deck is an area where you can walk outside from your backdoor and lookout over your entire backyard. Decking lumber are generally used for the purposes of relaxing outside with nature, cooking on the grill, Jacuzzi installations, outdoor dining, and more. These are all activities that can certainly take their toll on a piece of wood if it is not durable enough to sustain them.

 No other wood material will work better for this than larch wood.  You may be thinking that larch wood must be expensive, but it is actually the most affordable top quality wood that you can use for your deck You may think that heart pine and cedar are just as  durable because they cost the same as larch wood, but the truth is the quality of those two wood types are not as good. 

If you pay just a few more bucks and get Siberian larch to build your deck, it will last you for the rest of your life. It can sustain heavy winds, falling branches, food stains, heavy objects, and any abnormal occurrence from the outdoors. The investment is well worth it. Contact us today to find out more about the larch wood, best decking materials and lumber that we can provide for decking.

Siding For Houses

The siding of your home is important to consider when choosing material for constructing it. Not only does siding keep your home strong, but it is what people look at every time they pass by your house. There are so many cases where people purchase cheap siding materials, like aluminum siding, just because they can save a few bucks.

There are so many good things to say about Siberian larch wood siding. For one thing, you won’t have to endure the hassles of  priming and painting the wood like you do with most other siding material options. If you would normally hire somebody to do the painting, then you will be saving money by not having to worry   about that. 

You don’t have to worry about it getting stained either. Things, like dirt and mud, will not be a problem and will easily wipe right off the larch.  We will cut you the perfect amount of larch wood that can sustain your project’s needs. Then you will have wood that is not only a great investment, but a siding material that you can be proud of as well.

Wood Flooring 

The flooring of your home is what people have to look at and walk on every day. There are all kinds of reasons why having durable flooring material is important. For one thing, accidents occur on the floor the most because people are constantly hovering over it.

Before we ship the larch wood, we always pre-sand all of our wood pieces in order to create a surface that is suitable for applying finisher. This will come in truly handy when it comes time for you to hire somebody to install the larch wood floors because they usually give a huge discount when the wood is already sanded and finished. Even the edges of the wood will be micro-beveled, which prevents projections. Of course, if you prefer to do the finishing yourself then we can also provide unfinished larch wood as well

At, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We realize that choosing the right material for your flooring is a stressful process, but we aim to take the stress out of it. Our wood provides nothing but benefits for your home by creating a harmonious living environment while increasing its value at the same time. Contact your builder or architect first in order to get an idea of the dimensions and quantity of the wood that you will need for your project. Then, contact us by phone or email and will we consult with you immediately.

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